Reuse N95 Mask

Coronavirus is spread from person to person, when someone comes into contact with the secretion of an infected person. The infectivity of the virus affects the route of transmission directly. Wearing a mask can prevent you from inhaling the virus in the droplets directly.Remember wash your hands frequently that can stop the virus from entering your body through your hands.

The KN95 mask can be reused under normal circumstances. But if the mask is damaged and stained, it should be replaced immediately.
Can KN95 masks be used repeatedly after disinfection ?

Someone on the network used a high-power blower to blow for 30 minutes and sprayed with medical alcohol for disinfection and spray, then used N95 masks repeatedly.

However, experts suggest not to do this. Many people think of using a high-power electric blower to blow the mask for 30 minutes, spraying the inside and outside of the mask with medical alcohol and hoping to kill the virus attached to the surface and recycle it. However,it will change the fiber filterability of the N95 mask and will not play a good protective role.

If people wear a N95 mask in a place with few people, people can use it repeatedly 5 times, return it to a dry place and ventilate.There is no need to heat and spray alcohol.

If people in a crowded place, such as a hospital, it is best to replace it frequently. The general surgical masks are not recommended for repeated use.The 2-4 hours is best.

Post time: Jun-23-2020