M1013 pvc hand gloves high quality pvc disposable gloves 10 boxes pvc safety gloves

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Superior medical grade protection with no powder and no latex proteins. The perfect vinyl gloves for persons concerned with latex sensitivity. Smooth, beaded cuff. Superb tensile strength. Powder free so they won’t interfere with adhesives or coatings.

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Powder free Vinyl Gloves offers the 100% synthetic, is somewhat lighter and softer than the standard vinyl and has parctical protection for many applicatgions. A good feel and performance. It is a good laternative for those suffering from Type I allergies.

1.The material is pvc,which is nontoxic, odourless and eco-friendly,the gloves are generally safe for all users.
2.Easy cleanup,the gloves is disposable, you just throw it after using.
3.Compact design and Lightweight, it is easy to carry.
4.Keep your hands clean 

Tips for wearing our disposable vinyl PVC gloves:

1. Please trim fingernails when wearing.  Fingernails too long or too sharp can easily damage gloves.
2. Please use the pads of your fingers to wear, to avoid glove falling.
3. Please turn over the gloves from your wrist to fingers when removing the gloves.

Production process of latex gloves: Latex gloves made of high quality synthetic / natural latex materials and other fine auxiliaries have good tensile strength and elongation; unique post-treatment process, no skin irritation and allergy; the products have special surface treatment, smooth inner surface and curling are easy to wear and comfortable.

Advantages of latex gloves: Latex gloves are universal in both hands, with curled wrists and anti-skid design on the surface; they are wear-resistant and puncture resistant; they are resistant to acid, alkali, grease, fuel oil and various solvents, etc.; they have a wide range of chemical resistance, good oil resistance and are / comfortable / hand protection

Use of latex gloves: Latex gloves are suitable for home, industry, beauty, scientific research, precision instruments, automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing, FRP industry, aircraft assembly, aerospace industry, environmental cleaning and cleaning.

Choose mask

Disposable protective masks: Disposable protective masks are mostly composed of 2 ~ 3 layers of non-woven fabrics. Disposable protective masks are mainly used for dustproof and filtering granular objects.

Disposable medical masks: Disposable medical masks are composed of 3 layers, including two layers of non-woven fabrics and one layer of melt-blown fabric, which can effectively filter droplets, bacteria, particulate matter, etc. It is recommended to choose during the special period, which can achieve better protection.

KN95 protective masks: KN95 mask is generally composed of 4 ~ 5 layers, including non-woven fabric and 1 ~ 2 meltblown fabric. The material of the dust mask must be non-irritating and non-allergenic to the skin, and the filter material is not harmful to the human body; the particle diameter must be less than 5 microns and the dust suppression rate must be greater than 95%. Among them, the value of 95% is not the average value, but the minimum value, so the average value of actual products is mostly set above 99%.

FFP3 effectively filters 99%, FFP2 95%, and FFP1 80% ~ 90%. The diameter of the Hazardous substances is about 60-400nm, the mask can not pass the larger particles so it can effectively block the Harmful Substance.

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