dust protection disposable nonwoven Sauna Gown/Kimono for beauty spa use

Short Description:

1.Soft,Light,Flexible,and comfortable . pullover dental apron|paper hand towel|dental apron|

2. Factory direct sales with competitive price.

3. Prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus from invading.

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disposable pp+pe isolation gown

Suitable for cleaning laboratory tests,food processing, pharmaceutical,medical care,kitchen,hairdressing, beauty salon,camping,barbecue,medical &Health-care agency,hospital,electronical,food factory,personal care, cleaning work,etc.

Product description

Material: SMS non-woven fabric or other
Style: One-piece long sleeve
Size: S, M, L, XL or customized
Role: Anti-fog, waterproof, oil-proof, isolation protective clothing
Used in hospital operations to provide isolation protection
Various styles of neck and waist cuffs
Protective gowns are used by patients and practitioners for exams and procedures in clinics, physicians offices or hospitals. Perfect cover-up for patients and healthcare workers when a full gown is not necessary.
Cover the torso, fit comfortably over the body, protect skin and have long sleeves.
waterproof fitted sheet|underpad
Usage: Hospital, Dentist clinic, Medical,family,beauty,cleanroom,laboratory and hygiene. dental bibs
Material:SMS or PP Non-woven. surgical gown|medical protective clothing
Size: 130cmx150cm,115cmx127cm,115cmx137cm or as the client requirements. adult apron
Color: White ,Blue,or as the client requirement. disposable toilet seat cover

Product Features:

1. Isolating dirty, contaminated areas from clean areas. 
2. Barrier:Preventing fluid penetration
3. Sterile Field:Creating a sterile operative environment by aseptic application of sterile materials.
4. Sterile Surface:Creating a sterile surface on the skin which acts as a barrier to prevent skin flora from migrating to the incision site
5. Fluid Control:Channeling and collecting body and irrigation fluids.
Because of its wide applications, various kinds of size, design, and materials are developed by our company to satisfy its different applications. All our drapes are assembled in professional and severe working environment. Moreover, in order to save the user's time, we develop several methods to fold the drapes.

Universal Pack

SMMS and Hydrophilic PP+PE technology, used as the main material and as reinforcement in critical areas, provides high comfort, breathability and protection for every surgery.
disposable drape pack/surgical drape pack/disposable surgical drapes
1 Back Table Cover, Reinforced.
1 Mayo Stand Cover, Reinforced.
1 3M EO chemical indicator strip1 Utility drape with tape, Reinforced, Large ,150*180cm or 180*180cm
1 Utility drape with tape, Reinforced, X-Large ,150*240cm
2 Utility drapes with tape,Reinforced, Medium , 90*75cm or 100*90cm 
4 Utility drapes with tape, Small,60*60cm
1 Tape strips, 10*50cm
2 reinforced surgical gown XL
2 hand towel 30*40cm

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